Delegation from CITIC Metals Led by GM Sun Yufeng Visited JCHX

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In the afternoon of Aug 8, a delegation from CITIC Metals led by Sun Yufeng - GM, Ma Manfu - Vice GM, Sui Chen - GM of Investment Division paid a visit to JCHX. Chairman Wang Xiancheng gave a sincere welcome, and a friendly meeting was held with participation of President Peng Huaisheng, VP & CFO Yin Shizhou, Vice Chairman Wang Qinghai, and Board Secretary Wu Bangfu.
        As a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Group, CITIC Metals was founded in Hongkong for integrating its mining business. CITIC integrated all assets, businesses, and employees of CITIC Pioneer Metals Corporation and CITIC United Asia Investments Limited to enhance competitiveness and market position in mining sector. CITIC Metals is targeted to be a platform as well as an operation & profit center for mining business with clear strategy, to support the balanced development of financial & non-financial business.
        Mr. Sun asked about JCHX current development and future plan in Zambia and DRC. Chairman Wang specifically introduced our development in Zambia since 2003, as well as strategy on simultaneous expansion in both domestic & overseas markets, plan and input for Kamoa Project, and most importantly the idea to increase influence on engineering design, management, mindset on overseas project, and to build an unique brand of JCHX.
        CITIC is quite experienced in mining investment around the world. While congratulating to JCHX on its rapid development and successful IPO, Mr. Sun also shared valueble experiences of cooperation with foreign mining magnates, and demonstrated his intense interest in JCHX capability to build the world-class mine in Pulang. Potential mutual cooperation was as well discussed afterwards.
        The delegation visited JCHX’s exhibition hall accompanied by Mr. Wang, Mr. Peng and Mr. Wu after the meeting.