New Production Record was Created by Miyun Project in July

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Total output in Miyun project achieved 181,812 tons in July, of which mining output achieved 174,622 tons, respectively rewrote the record in May. A perfect completion of this mission marked a well beginning of next half year.
        As Shouyun Iron Mine is an open pit transfering to UG operation, raining season is always a big challenge and problem for underground operations. Project team started the preparation early from May, such as rearranging drainage pipes, unclogging gutters, punching drainage holes, building water retaining structures, repairing pumps, checking earthing and leakage protection devices, in order to ensure all preventive measures and necessary preparation are done prior to the raining season.
        In the evening of July 17, sudden storm swept over the site. Drainage volume within 12 hours achieved 15,260m3, breaking the historical record. Thanking to all the above preventive measures and preparation, there was no major influence to the work progress and above that outstanding production record was created.