Farewell to Mr. Chris Lewis - Former GM of Kingnor

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In the afternoon of July 26, a farewell ceremony for Mr. Chris Lewis was held in Daye, with participation of Mr. Li Zhanmin, President of JCHX & Chairman of Kingnor, Mr. Li Gang, GM of Central South Branch, Mr. Sun Lin, current GM of Kingnor, and part of Kingnor employees.
        As a JV between Normet and JCHX, Kingnor is a mining equipment manufacturer mainly targeting at manufacturing the most advanced underground mining MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) in mainland of China using state-of-art technology and facilities. Mr. Chris Lewis was working for Kingnor as GM.
        During the ceremony, Mr. Li Zhanmin reviewed the cooperation with Normet as well as with Chris, who by the way devoted himself all these years. He also extended sincere gratitude on behalf of all Kingnor employees.
        Later Chris delivered a speech with all passion mentioning that three-year development was well within his memory, especially he was well impressed by Chairman Wang Xiancheng, President Li Zhanmin, Vice Chairman Wang Qinghai, and VP Wang Yakun. He would never forget Kingnor - “the baby” of Normet and JCHX, and he believes that under leadership of Board, Kingnor would definitely grow better and stronger.
        Mr. Sun Lin, current GM of Kingnor mentioned he is honored but felt pressured with such responsibilities. He appreciated Chris for his long-term efforts and assured to Chris that as the new GM of Kingnor he will carefully look after Kingnor and ensure its healthy development.
        Last but not least, flowers were presented to Chris, as well a precious gift – the photo of all Kingnor members with autographs for his memory.